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      • Roon Server on NAS

        To get a faster, more reliable Roon experience, we recommend moving away from networked file systems in favor of local storage. For a fully turnkey Roon Core with space for internal storage, check out Nucleus by Roon Labs. Roon Server requires a more ...
      • Start with a Roon Core

        What is the Core? The Core is media server software that runs on a powerful computer, NAS, or turnkey appliance (like Nucleus or ROCK), located on the network within your home. (For more information on how it fits in with Control and Output ...
      • Roon Core and Remote specification recommendations

        Recommended Core Hardware The Roon Core is the heart of your library. The hardware needed for your Core machine can vary based on a number of factors, such as library size, number of simultaneous zones, and DSP use.  Roon OS We’ve optimized Roon OS ...
      • FAQ: What do the check marks next to albums and songs mean?

        Much of Roon's most advanced data is licensed from our friends at AllMusic. AllMusic's experts research and collection deep data like album credits and original recording dates, along with Roon's multi-layered genre information. In addition to this ...
      • DSP Engine: Sample Rate Conversion

        Overview Most people using the sample rate conversion features in Roon will be performing upsampling, which is generally considered to provide an enhancement. This effectively increases the resolution of the audio signal leaving Roon. Roon's sample ...