Airplay Issues in Roon

Airplay Issues in Roon

When attempting to start playback on certain devices using AirPlay, Roon may receive an error. Below, we'll delve into the devices that are known to experience these issues and provide some helpful solutions to address them.

Cabassee Pearl & JBL 

We're seeing similar issues on both the Cabassee Pearl and the below JBL models:
  1. JBL Charge 5
  2. JBL Bar 300
  3. JBL Authentics 300
The Issue: playback appears to start in Roon, but the seek bar remains stuck at 0:00 and no audio output can be heard. 

The Solution: To use the Roon Tested Cabasse Pearl and certain JBL devices with Roon, you must add your device as an "accessory" in the Apple iOS "Home" app. 

You will need an iOS device to access the Apple 'Home' Application
  1. Open the "Home" app on your iOS device 
  2. Tap the "+" button in the top right corner

      3. Tap "Add Accessory"

      4. Instead of using a QR Code to Add Accessory, tap "More options"

      5. Wait for Home to scan your local network

      6. Add the accessory. This involves connecting to the speaker, selecting the speaker location, and creating a speaker name

      7. Now that the device is added, click on the three-dot '...' menu on the top right corner of the Home app, next to the '+' button used in step 2

8. Click on 'Home Settings' 

9. Set 'Speakers & TV' to 'Everyone'

      10. Airplay should now be enabled. The last step is to now open and connect Roon to play audio. Open Roon, navigate to your Roon Settings>Audio, and enable the recently added devices. 

If you're still having issues after making these changes please reach out to us on Community!

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