Artists In Roon


The Artist Browser

You can access the Artist Browser by clicking the navigation icon , then Artists. You will see the artists in your library displayed in a screen something like this:

We've highlighted a few items (in red) in this screenshot for further explanation. First is the use of Focus. Here, we've used Focus to display just groups, rather than individual performers. The Focus setting to do this was this:

As you can see, Focus in the Artists Browser gives you the ability to select artists on the basis of: - their country of origin, - the Genres they perform in - whether the artist is an individual or a group There are further selection criteria available for artists via the Inspector button in Focus:

Here, in this example of the Inspector criteria, we've focused on Group artists who appear on TIDAL albums only in this particular library (i.e. their albums are not exportable to other devices or storage locations). It's an example of clicking on a Focus criterion a second time to invert it (make it a "NOT" operator). The second feature we highlight in the Artist browser is the Sort menu. Here, we are sorting our artists by "most played" in descending order. The drop-down menu gives you access to other ways of sorting, and the arrow button next to it allows you to invert the sort order.

The last "feature" that is highlighted is that not all artists will have images in Roon's database, so the generic grayed-out image is used instead. In such cases, you can always edit the Artist entry to add your own images for your library.

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