DSP Engine: Procedural Equalizer

MUSE - Precision Audio Control: Procedural Equalizer

The Procedural Equalizer is part of Roon's MUSE Suite. For more information on accessing MUSE, see here.

Procedural EQ is not included in MUSE for ARC

The procedural equalizer is used for advanced audio control configurations like digital crossovers, custom crossfeeds, and manual room correction. It allows you to enable and configure a series of audio control steps in a preferred order, to perform matrix mixing, and to decide which steps apply to which channels.

There are seven signal processing operations available in Procedural EQ, they are: Parametric EQ, Generic IIR filter, Mute channels, Volume, Delay, Mix, and Invert phase.

You can add as many as you like and arrange them in the order of your choice. Just remember that heavy digital signal processing can have an impact on CPU performance. If you experience performance issues after applying Procedural EQ try disabling some of the operations you've applied.   

Please feel free to visit our community and let us know if you have any questions or feedback about using MUSE in Roon.

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