FAQ: An album I imported wasn't identified properly, how do I fix it?

FAQ: An album I imported wasn't identified properly, how do I fix it?

Roon will always try to find the best match for the albums in your collection. However, if you're not happy with the information we've retrieved, we've made it easy for you to correct it.

To try and find a better match, click the 3 dot icon on the album's detail page, click Edit, then click Identify Album

First we'll try to automatically detect your album, so if you see it in the list, click it to proceed. If we didn't automatically detect your album, we'll let you search manually on the next screen.

Once you've selected a match from our database, you'll see the album's information on the left. Your tracks appear on the right, but be careful! Not every version of every album has tracks in the same order, so be sure to match up your files to the order in our database before clicking Save.

When something doesn't match up, we'll let you know at the bottom of the screen. Once everything is in order, you're done and you can press Save to pull down credits, genres, high-resolution cover art, and other great information about your album!

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