FAQ: Can I use my Meridian Sooloos 2.1 music and database with Roon?

FAQ: Can I use my Meridian Sooloos 2.1 music and database with Roon?

It's easy to migrate your Sooloos library and playlists over to Roon! While Roon is not able to talk with Sooloos storage devices directly, Roon is able to read from nearly all local and network storage devices.

To access your music and playlists, follow these steps to export your music library out of Sooloos to a storage device Roon can access.
  1. Connect a local or network hard drive with enough capacity for your entire Sooloos collection
  2. In Control: PC or Control: Mac find the Export tab, and add the new storage drive as a Native Export Destination
  3. Select the "Export All Albums and Playlists" checkbox
  4. Sooloos will start copying your music to the drive, and should embed metadata in the files during the export, so Roon can identify the albums in your collection and retrieve metadata.
  5. Once the Sooloos export is complete, add the exported music as a Watched Folder in Roon
That's it! It's also possible to export a portion of your library, but the instructions above should cover migrating your entire library from Sooloos to Roon. Any questions, let us know!

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