FAQ: Do I need to groom my collection before importing it into Roon?

FAQ: Do I need to groom my collection before importing it into Roon?

We will do our best with your collection, however, you have your files organized! No special grooming is required, but there is some information here about how to ensure you get the best possible metadata for your collection. If your collection doesn't look exactly right, try some of the tips in the above link, and let us know how it works out!
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      Even prior to our launch in May '15, it was clear Roon needed to do much more to meet the needs of users who want to exert control over how metadata is displayed and experienced in the app. At launch, Roon was focused on the user who wants their ...
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      Sometimes, Roon's file scanner can encounter file tags formatted in ways we're not expecting, and sometimes we hit a file that's simply corrupt. Usually we're able to either import these files anyway, but if the file appears unreadable we will skip ...
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      When you first install Roon, you will set up your Core, which functions as the main server for Roon in your household. Whether your Core is near where you listen to music or on the other side of the house, there's a good chance it's not a convenient ...
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      Roon uses our own proprietary process to identify as much of your collection as possible, but there may be some songs or albums in your collection we're not able to match. Usually this is because your version of the album doesn't match any of the ...
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      In Settings, click Storage, then click Add Folder. Roon will monitor folders for new music. Your files are left in the folder and won't be copied or modified in any way unless you explicitly choose to add or remove them from your library. In the Add ...
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