FAQ: How do I change the cover art of an album?

FAQ: How do I change the cover art of an album?

You can always add new cover art via an album's Edit screen, which you can access by clicking Edit under the 3 dots menu and selecting the Edit Fields tab.

From the Album Artwork section, you can choose between the cover art that Roon has retrieved, the cover art embedded in your files, or any cover art you want to add yourself.

By default, Roon used the highest-resolution front cover available.

What if I've replaced the cover art correctly, but Roon still shows the old version? 

Try forcing a refresh by clearing your image cache from Roon settings:
  1. Click the cogwheel to open settings
  2. Navigate to Setup
  3. Clear image cache > Click Clear cache 

A restart of Roon will be required to complete this process. You can choose Restart now, or Restart later. 
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