FAQ: How do I make bulk edits to Track metadata?

FAQ: How do I make bulk edits to Track metadata?

You may find that some of your ripped CDs (or even newly downloaded files!) have bad metadata. This bad metadata is causing Roon to display erroneous or redundant information. It is possible to correct the metadata in the track files themselves, using a separate metadata editor. However, since version 1.3, it is also possible to correct erroneous data in Roon.

For example, let's take a case where "Rubenstein" has ended up listed as a Track artist on every track in an album where "Artur Rubenstein" is the Album artist. You'll want to remove the "Rubenstein" entry from every track where this occurs, and not have to do it one track at a time. The first step is to select all of the affected tracks and click "Edit" in the upper right:

Now select the "Edit Tracks" tab and click on "Remove Credits."

This gives a list of all of the credits present on the selected tracks. Scroll down to "Rubinstein" check the box and click "Done"

You can see here that the Rubinstein credit is being removed here. Click Save.

.... and gone.

Now in this particular example, there happen to be a lot of tracks with this tag so there's an even faster way... Go to tracks view and set up a Performer focus.

Select all 76 tracks, click edit and the process is the same. Note that editing metadata within Roon in this way does not affect the metadata contained within the track file itself. That remains untouched within the Watched folder.
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