FAQ: How to Contact Roon Technical Support

FAQ: How to Contact Roon Technical Support

The best place to go for technical support is our Community site. This is where we've dedicated an entire category, Support, for the Roon technical team to help troubleshoot any technical issues you may run into.

Why our community site?

After exploring multiple options to offer technical support, we've discovered we can be most efficient in a community setting. While you'll still be getting one-to-one support from one of our technicians, other Roon team members can also take a look: our QA and Engineering teams, our Product team, Technical team and even our C-level team are known to chime in and help. Not only that, but a community post can also help us understand how widespread an issue is and take the appropriate steps for all of our customers.

This section would not be complete if we didn't mention the thousands of Roon subscribers that hang out on the community. Many of them know Roon inside out and a number of them are experts in the audio world. A simple skimming of the posts on the community site will undeniably reveal how helpful their actions are.


Before you start, make sure you log in on our Community Site. We're using single sign on authentication - this means you'll be using the email and password you've created when signing up with Roon to log in.
  1. Navigate to our Community Site (and log in if needed).
  2. Select the Support Category:
    1. From the drop down menu or,

    2. From the Community page:

  3. Click on +New Topic at the top right of the screen.

  4. Fill out the template that appears at the bottom part of your screen:
    1. Summarize your issue in the title:

    2. Describe your setup in the text box:
      Include as much detail as you can in your first post. This will help our technical team resolve your issue faster.

      Include information about your hardware and operating system under Core Machine. Under Networking Details let us know how you connect to the internet at home, so we can better understand how your devices are connected and the way your network is set up. Audio Devices is meant to cover your devices and their connection type (USB, HDMI, etc.).
      Note the preview on the right of the screen showing how your text will be displayed once posted. You can click on  hide preview at the bottom right of the screen if you don’t want to see it.
    3. Describe the issue

      This is where you can explain what’s wrong and how frequently it happens: is it "every time" you perform an action or is it sporadic? If the latter, please specify the approximate time it happened last.
4. Click Create Topic when done:

When will I hear back?

Once you've clicked on Create Topic our technical team will be immediately notified of your request. They will reply on the thread you've created as soon as possible. Please, keep in mind that response times may be slower over the weekend as our technical team work Monday through Friday.

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