FAQ: I'm getting an OpenGL error trying to start Roon, what's going on?

FAQ: I'm getting an OpenGL error trying to start Roon, what's going on?

OpenGL is a big part of why Roon’s interface is so fast, so right now OpenGL 3.0 is required to run Roon. If you’re getting an error on startup, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your graphics card is running the latest drivers.

On Windows, you can do this in Device Manager, by expanding the Display Adapters section, right-clicking your graphics card, and choosing Update Driver Software. If this doesn’t work, make a note of your graphics card model, and visit your manufacturer’s Support page. Often you will find the newest drivers there. If you’re still having issues, it’s worth downloading and running this utility, which will tell you exactly what version of OpenGL your system is capable of running. If you’re still having problems and you believe your system is capable of running OpenGL 3.0, please create a thread in our Support section and let us know. Be sure to mention what graphics cards you’re seeing in the Display Adapter section of Device Manager, like this:

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