FAQ: I'm having problems setting up Airplay

Airplay Setup & Troubleshooting

I'm having problems with Airplay -- help!


To use an Airplay device with Roon, first make sure Roon is running on the same network as the Airplay device. If you are running supported Airplay devices on the same network, they should appear on the Audio tab of Settings, like this:

Once you've enabled an Airplay device, it should appear in the zones menu, something like this:

Select your Airplay zone, pick something to listen to, and press play. That's it!

Apple TV 

A) Open settings on the AppleTV
B) Navigate to AirPlay and Homekit
C) Tap on “Allow Access”
D) Set “Allow Access” to “Anyone on the Same Network”
E) Set Require Password to “On” and create a password
D) Back out of the menu to the home screen
F) Try to enable the zone in Roon. It should ask you for the password


Update Your Firmware

If you're having problems with Airplay, the first thing you should do is consult your manufacturer to see if updated firmware is available. Certain devices (particularly those that predate 2011) may be using older versions of Airplay, so it's worth looking into updated firmware if it's available.

Confirm Your Security Settings

Some devices, such as AppleTV, may have security settings that prevent Roon from streaming. Check your manual or consult your device's manufacturer for more information. On AppleTV, the setting was introduced in Apple TV software version 6.1. To disable it, go to Settings > AirPlay > Security > Require Device Verification and set verification to off.

Check Your Network

Some Airplay issues are caused by network issues, and the simplest way to solve these issues is to, uh, simplify your setup. For example, if your network involves multiple routers, bridges, EoP, etc, spread across a large house, you might try plugging everything into the router directly and seeing if things are resolved with a simpler setup.

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