FAQ: Roon is displaying incorrect track titles

FAQ: Roon is displaying incorrect track titles

Roon is displaying incorrect track titles - how do I fix this?

If Roon is displaying incorrect song titles, it usually means there's an error in our cloud metadata database.

Assuming the album is identified and you're confident that the "file tags" in your files are correct, it would be great if you could report the error by creating a thread here -- this way we fix the error in our database.

Once you've reported the issue, the fastest way to get the album to show accurately in Roon is to use the song titles stored in your files, as opposed to Roon's metadata. You can do this by:
  1. Selecting all the songs on the album 
  2. Click Edit in the top-right, and then on the Metadata Preference tab, set Title to Prefer File, like this:

Click save, and Roon should bypass the incorrect data in our database so you can see the track titles in your file tags. 

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