FAQ: There are some tracks missing from one of my albums, how do I find them?

FAQ: There are some tracks missing from one of my albums, how do I find them?

Locating missing tracks

If an album is missing tracks, the first step should be locating the missing tracks in Roon. In the event that the tracks were imported to Roon but not grouped into the album, you can locate these tracks using the Find Tracks By Path feature in Roon. You can then filter by the path of the album (example: `/User/Music/Great Album/`) to find any tracks that are located on that path.

If you're unable to find the missing tracks you can check to see if they were skipped by Roon. Go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files and see if they appear in the list of skipped tracks. If you're still unable to find the missing tracks, be sure to check out our article detailing why tracks may be missing.

Merging the tracks

Once you've located the tracks using the methods above, you can merge the tracks into an album. Simply right-click or long-press the albums, go to Edit, and select Group Tracks.

Once you merge the tracks you're all set! We'll even try to find additional metadata once you're done editing.

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