FAQ: What do the check marks next to albums and songs mean?

Much of Roon's most advanced data is licensed from our friends at AllMusic. AllMusic's experts research and collection deep data like album credits and original recording dates, along with Roon's multi-layered genre information. In addition to this factual data, AllMusic also provides some editorial data, like album reviews, artist biographies, and Picks.

Pick Albums

Pick albums are recommended by AllMusic's experts, and they're often either well reviewed, historically significant, or both. They're denoted by a small check mark on the cover when viewing Albums browser, and next to the albums rating on the details page.


Pick Tracks

Pick Tracks are selected by AllMusic's editors, either because they were popular singles, or were standout album cuts. They're denoted by a check mark on the album details screen.

Editing Picks

Picks can be edited from the album's edit screen, or by selecting a track and choosing edit from the selection bar along the top of the app. Note that while picks can be edited, they're designed to provide editorial context and are different from favorites, which are tied to your profile and can be used for denoting albums, tracks, artists, composers and works that are your personal favorites.

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