FAQ: Changing DNS

FAQ: What does DNS mean? How do I change my DNS settings?

What does DNS mean? What does it do?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. We won't go into all the technical details here, but DNS plays a vital role in internet communications, and the DNS service you choose can impact the performance of your system. If you're having trouble streaming, connecting to our servers, or just feeling that things are a little slow, switching the DNS you're using can improve things drastically.

What DNS services are the best? 

There are a lot of DNS options out there, and plenty of them will work great! We find that ISP (Internet Service Provider) default DNS options can be a bit lacking, so going with a public option can help a lot. Many of our customers have had success with Google DNS ( and Cloudflare DNS (, so it's definitely worth giving those a try. 

When should I change my DNS?

There are a lot of great reasons to switch your DNS to something faster (you'll see performance improvements across the board) but if you're experiencing any of these issues with Roon, changing DNS is definitely a good step: 
  1. Trouble streaming TIDAL or Qobuz
  2. Trouble logging in
  3. Slow search performance

How do I change my DNS settings? 

Typically changing your DNS settings should be pretty easy, but the exact steps will vary depending on what router you're using. For most routers, you can go to your router settings and change them pretty easily. If you're unsure of how to do this, refer to your router's manual or contact your ISP. 

Example - Setting Google DNS on Plume

I have a Plume mesh router, so I can change DNS options right in the app. In Advanced Settings, I choose custom DNS and enter for Primary and for Secondary. Now, just like that, I'm using Google DNS.

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