FAQ: What is signal path?

FAQ: What is signal path?

The signal path is displayed as a small glowing light along the bottom of Roon during playback. It can be Purple, Green, or Yellow, meaning:
  1. Yellow indicates low-quality playback
  2. Green indicates high-quality playback
  3. Purple represents lossless playback

The color is determined by how much processing is involved before Roon delivers audio to your device. Clicking the light will display your Signal Path.

Here you will see the path your audio takes, from the original file type to the destination device. Often it will just show you the file and a straight line to your audio output. But sometimes there is a mismatch in capabilities… you might be playing a DSD file to a PCM DAC or a High-Res file to an Airplay zone. In that case, Roon will need to perform signal processing operations in order to play the file. Signal Path will tell you everything that happens along the way.

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