FAQ: What play options are available for artists, albums, composers, genres, and tracks?

FAQ: What play options are available for artists, albums, composers, genres, and tracks?

When you see something you like in Roon, you generally have 2 options for how you want to play it: Play, and Radio. If music is already playing, you'll also have the option to add songs or albums to the play queue, either at the end of the queue or up next.

Clicking Radio will create a "channel" of similar songs from your library. This is based on Roon's deep knowledge of your music, including genres and years, as well as editorial data like Picks. Once Radio starts, you can see what's coming up next from the queue screen, and you can give it the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Choosing Play will always start the music immediately. The play button functions slightly differently depending on what you're playing.
  1. Songs, albums, and playlists will simply play in order
  2. Content without a clear order (like genres, composers, or artists) will be shuffled
  3. Playlists will play the song you've selected, then it will continue with the rest of the playlist
If you want to start an album in the middle, you can select a song and choose "Play From Here". If you want to play a single song from a playlist, you can select the song, and select "Play".

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