FAQ: What's a watched folder?

FAQ: What's a watched folder?

You add your local music to Roon via "watched" folders. These are folders that will be monitored by Roon for new music. Your files are left in the folder and won't be copied or modified in any way unless you explicitly choose to add or delete them from your library. The folders can be configured from the Storage tab of the Settings screen.

Watched Folders

When you set up a watched folder, Roon will scan the folder and add any music it finds to your library without moving or changing the files at all. Roon will also monitor the folder for changes, so any music you add later will automatically be imported.

Local vs Network Drives 

Watched folders can be located on local or network drives, and you can add multiple watched folders. Note that on OS X, networked folders must be mounted using SMB, not AFP.
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