FAQ: What's the difference between Radio and Internet Radio?

FAQ: What's the difference between Radio and Internet Radio?


Roon works to match every song in your library, so we know exactly when each song was released, who played on the song, what label it came out on, what genre it is, and lots, lots more.

Roon's Radio feature uses this metadata to create a personalized station for you, playing similar songs from your collection. You can read more about how to use Roon's Radio feature here.

Internet Radio

It's now possible to play your favorite streaming internet radio stations right in Roon!

In the future, we are planning to offer a full directory of streaming internet radio stations, so look for this functionality in a future Roon release. For now, you'll be able to copy and paste links to any compatible stream into Roon.

Any available station info will be retrieved, and you'll be able to access this station from any device running Roon on your network, and you'll be able to stream the station to any output on your network. You can read more about how to add an internet radio station in Roon here.

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