FAQ: Which zones can I control remotely?

FAQ: Which zones can I control remotely?

What kinds of outputs can I control remotely in Roon?

You can use Roon to remotely control any zone, including:
  1. Outputs connected to your Roon Core
  2. Outputs connected to devices or computers that are running Roon as a remote
  3. Outputs connected to devices or computers that are running RoonBridge
  4. RoonReady devices
  5. Airplay devices
  6. Squeezebox devices
  7. HQPlayer
  8. Meridian devices
The only zones that cannot be controlled remotely are zones that have been made private.

Private zones can only be controlled when Roon is running on the same machine as the audio output hardware.

Roon Bridge

The Roon Bridge software packageallows you to set up additional outputs (or "zones") around the house on a variety of devices. These zones function like other supported network zones, and can be remotely controlled from any device on the network running Roon.

Example Setup


Let's say you have the following devices in your household:
  1. iMac (running your Roon Core and managing your library)
  2. USB DAC (connected to the iMac)
  3. iPad Air 2
  4. Apple TV
  5. Windows Laptop


In this setup you would have three zones in Roon:
  1. The iMac's default output
  2. The USB DAC
  3. The Apple TV


In this setup, any of the three zones could be controlled remotely from:
  1. The iMac (running Roon)
  2. The iPad (running Roon Remote)
  3. The Windows Laptop (running Roon Remote)

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