FAQ: Why did all my zones disappear?

FAQ: Why did all my zones disappear?

If your zones are not showing up in Roon, or all of your audio outputs are gone, it typically indicates:
  1. A networking problem is interfering with Roon's ability to communicate with your zones. Review our network best practices for tips on ensuring stability in this area.  
  2. Roon's audio server process (RAATServer) is crashing.
  3. For audio devices directly connected to a headless server running Windows, you need to configure auto login.
  4. Firewall Issues : verify that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions to your firewall. 
  5. Low-level corruption : if you're experiencing corruption, install a fresh version of Roon on your Core machine and restore to one of your older backups.
In the event that this happens, our support team is on hand to help resolve the issue. Just let us know some more details about your setup, and we'll help you troubleshoot!

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