File Browser

File Browser

When configuring your storage devices and adding media to Roon, you'll be using Roon's file browser interface. This interface lets you navigate to the folder(s) where you keep your music and configure Roon to watch them.

From this screen, you can:
  1. See your current selected folder along the top of the file browser
  2. Chose from local and previously added network drives on the left
  3. Add a Network Share in the lower left
  4. Create a New Folder in the lower left
  5. Refresh or Navigate up one folder in the top-right
The file browser is used for selecting folders (like when you're adding your music library) or for selecting files (such as when you're adding cover art). 

Once you've found the folder (or file) you want to add to Roon, click the blue "Select.." button in the lower-right.

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