FAQ: Adding Roon as a Firewall Exception

FAQ: Adding Roon as a Firewall Exception

Generally, Roon should be able to see and connect to compatible remotes and devices without outside input, but there are cases when this is prevented by the the OS firewall or an installed Antivirus. To determine if this is the case, you can:

  • Turn off firewall (on server and remote as well, if applicable)

  • Restart Roon Server (and device)

  • Attempt connection

If the devices are not visible or don't connect, please turn your Firewall back on and contact Roon for more troubleshooting steps.However, if the devices are visible and connect without the Firewall, go ahead and turn it back on then add exceptions as detailed below:

Server OS

Roon Software



Roon software




Roon server (headless)





Roon software




Roon server (headless)





Roon Server




If you're still running into problems, get in touch with our support team here for assistance.

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