FAQ: How can I save recommendations to listen to later?

FAQ: How can I save recommendations to listen to later?

How can I save recommendations to listen to later?

Roon has a wealth of features and functionality to discover and explore music. Recently a new Roon customer asked,

When browsing articles on my Mac I just add something to my reading list if I want to go back to it later. Is there a way to do this in Roon with new albums or single recommendations?  Can I add them to a listening list before adding to my library? Thanks, I'm loving Roon!

Creating a playlist is a quick and easy way to save music you'd like to hear later, but not add to your library immediately.

Here's how to do it:
  1. Let's say you're looking at your TIDAL tab in Roon and see several albums that pique your interest.
  2. Long press them to select the albums you want to review
  3. Then click the ellipsis button at the top of the page (1)
  4. Select Add to playlist (2)
  5. Create a new playlist (3)
  6. Name the playlist and press Create (4)

  1. This will save a list of the music you want to explore, but not add it to your library
  2. If there's something in the list you do want to add to your library, simply click the album title in the playlist 
  3. Then the plus button on the album page
  4. You can create a new playlist each time, or simply add new selections to the Explore playlist you've already made.
It's that easy!
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