I need an invoice for my Roon subscription payment

I need an invoice for my Roon subscription payment

The invoices for your Roon subscription payments are made available to you in two ways. Let's talk about both of them.


As soon as a transaction is processed, an email receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with your Roon account. If you're having any trouble finding it, it might be worth checking your Spam / Junk folder as, unfortunately, sometimes emails end up there.

Account page

You can find not just your most recent, but all of your invoices on your account page when you scroll down to "Payment Method" and click on "Billing History". It should look similar to this:

Invoices are available only after a payment is successfully processed. If you are still enjoying a free trial, please allow for the free trial to end and convert into a paid subscription before looking for an invoice.

Adding Billing Information

Not only can you view and print the invoices for all of the payments on the account, you can also add additional details (like a company name and address)  on the invoices. Once you are in the "Billing history" section of your account page, please:

1. Click on View next to the relevant invoice:

2. Click on Add Billing Information

3. Add any relevant information in the pop up window and click Add

4. The information is added under "Billing Information" on the invoice:

5. You can always make changes by clicking again on Add Billing Information

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