Installing Nucleus Internal Storage

Installing Nucleus Internal Storage

These step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process of installing an HDD or SSD for internal storage in Nucleus.

Step 1: Make sure you have everything

  1. 2.5" HDD or SSD with a drive height of 7mm or 9mm for Nucleus Rev A and up to 15mm for Nucleus Rev B. If you're unsure of what version of Nucleus you own, please take a look at our Do I have Nucleus Rev A or Nucleus Rev B? article.
  2.  4 black screws
  3. 4 silver screws*
  4. 2 hard drive rails*
Your hard drive rails and silver screws may already be installed inside Nucleus, if so, simply move on to step 2

Figure 1.1 - Make sure you have everything 

Step 2: Remove the cover

Unscrew the 5 black screws on the bottom of Nucleus (Figure 2.1), then remove the cover (Figure 2.2).

Figure 2.1 - Unscrew the cover 

Figure 2.2 - Remove the cover 

Step 3: Mount the hard drive rails

Mount the hard drive rails using the black screws, with the elongated holes facing down (Figure 3.1). An overhead view of the mounting rails is in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.1 - Mount the hard drive rails using the black screws, with the elongated holes facing down 

Figure 3.2 - Overhead view of the mounted hard drive Rails 

Step 4: Install the hard drive

First, place the hard drive on the platform in Nucleus and leave it disconnected (Figure 4.1). Then, gently slide the hard drive into the connector (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.1 - Place the hard drive on the platform, leave it disconnected

Figure 4.2 - Slide the hard drive into the connector

Step 5: Secure the hard drive

Now that the hard drive is connected, secure it with the remaining silver screws (Figure 5.1).
Figure 5.1 - Secure the hard drive with the silver screws

Step 6: Replace the cover

Replace the cover on your Nucleus using the five black screws from Step #2.

Step 7: Turn on the Nucleus and format the drive

Turn your Nucleus back on and visit the Nucleus Web Administration Interface to format this newly installed drive. Your drive will not be available in Roon until you format it using the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.
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