KEF Troubleshooting

KEF Troubleshooting

Often times when we see reports of KEF issues the following troubleshooting steps are useful in narrowing down where exactly the issue lies: *
  1. Are the KEF speakers using the 5Ghz WiFi network and not 2.4Ghz? 
  2. Is there any change if connecting both the server and the speakers via Ethernet to the primary router? 
  3. Have the KEF Speakers been updated to the newest firmware version using the KEF Control App?
  4. If you are using the LSX, is there any change if they are connected to each-other using Ethernet and set to "Cabled Mode" in the KEF Control App?
  5. Does this issue only occur with higher sample rates?
If you have run all of the above suggestions and are still experiencing issues with your KEF speakers please reach out to our support staff on Community

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