Meridian Setup

Before the Roon team started Roon, many of us worked for Meridian Audio. While we were there, we designed and built their network streaming protocol, and worked to implement it across the Meridian/Sooloos product line. As a result, we are in a unique position to continue supporting these devices over time. Roon works extremely well with all networked Meridian outputs, including the MS200, MS600, ID40, ID41, MC200, MC600, and the older Sooloos-family products.

Set Up

Start by opening Roon on your Windows or macOS computer, or Roon Remote on your iOS or Android device. In Settings, click the Audio tab -- in the Networked section, you should be able to see your Meridian outputs. Finally, enable the device (or devices) you want to use, and play some music!

Sound Quality

Our Meridian support represents one of our highest-quality output options. If you are fortunate enough to own Meridian gear, you'll definitely want to take it for a spin. Meridian's streaming protocol is limited to 96k/24bit output. If you attempt to play higher-resolution PCM or DSD formats from Roon, Roon will perform the needed conversions and then send 96k or 88.2k audio to the device. 

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