Powering on Nucleus

Power Up Nucleus

Follow these steps to connect and start your Nucleus:
  1. Before connecting power, connect one end of an Ethernet cable (not included) to the LAN port on the back panel of the Nucleus. Connect the other end to your ethernet router or switch. 
  2. Next, connect the power supply to Nucleus and plug the power supply into the wall. At this point, even though you have not turned on the Nucleus, a green LED (which may be blinking randomly) will be illuminated on the Ethernet port.
  3. Finally, power up the Nucleus by pressing the power button on the back of the unit. Just one quick press is all that is needed, and a dim white LED should light up immediately above the button.
Note about the power supply, some Nucleus units come with a power supply with a right angle plug and a straight barrel adapter. Take care when inserting power in and out of the back of Nucleus. Damaged caused by improper installation or the use of 3rd party power supplies are not covered by the warranty.  
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