Roon 1.8 FAQs

Roon 1.8 FAQs

Introducing Roon 1.8, an  immersive new music experience. A new look, new intelligence, and new features, designed for the community of experts that call Roon home.

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Do I need a streaming service to use Roon 1.8?

No, a streaming service isn’t required to use Roon 1.8. Features like the redesigned UI, mobile app improvements, and overhauled Focus functionality are available to all. However, many of the new features powered by Valence’s recommendation engine do require a linked TIDAL or Qobuz account. New to streaming? You can try TIDAL and Qobuz out for free (link to pages). 

Does Roon 1.8 have any improvements for classical listeners? 

Yes! We understand that how our listeners explore certain genres of music is different. That’s why we’ve come up with a completely new visual style and information layout for classical music, bringing advanced discovery and an educational experience like nothing else. Roon provides tighter links between albums and composers, as well as simpler browsing and intelligent recommendations based on the composer, performer, composition, or conductor you’re listening to. 

Our new Discography feature also includes a comprehensive new “performances” view, where you can use Focus to find performances by composer, performer, form, period, and more. 

Do I need to pay for the Roon 1.8 update? 

Absolutely not! Regardless of the subscription you currently have (monthly, yearly or lifetime), or even if you’re on trial, you can update Roon for free anytime.

You can update Roon by following the prompt in the application or by navigating to Settings -> About in the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen, once the update has been released. If you’re just starting, you can download the latest version of Roon on our website.

Will all of my devices still work with Roon 1.8?

We strive to make Roon compatible with as many devices as possible, but as the technology driving Roon’s progress grows, sometimes we need to end support for older Operating Systems to ensure compatibility. 

With 1.8 we are ending support for OS X Mavericks (10.9) but you will still be able to use Roon on all previously compatible devices. 

Is Focus available on my phone? 

Yes! The Focus feature is now available across our phone interface, including our existing library browsers (like artist and album browsers) as well as new views like artist discography. You can also take advantage of easier scrolling and filtering as you browse music inside and outside your library!

Can I go back to Roon 1.7 after updating to 1.8? 

As a general rule, we do not make older versions of Roon available for download. We also strongly advise against downgrading your installation if you have an older installer or version around. Downgrading to an older version can cause significant compatibility and stability issues, and in some cases, irreversible corruption.

Do I have to upgrade to 1.8?

We always recommend installing the latest version of Roon to get the very best experience. You don’t have to update your software immediately, but we can’t guarantee long-term support for older versions, and some services may not work if you don’t keep Roon up to date. 

How does Roon use my data? 

We’re self-proclaimed privacy nerds and take this stuff seriously. We regularly review our security practices, and treat your personal data the way we would our own; with care and respect.

We invite you to learn more by reading our privacy policy, it only takes a few minutes! When we wrote it, we felt it was important to keep it simple, human-readable, and free of the unintelligible legalese we’ve grown so accustomed to.

What is Discography?

With a streaming service logged in Roon’s new Discography view gives you a detailed, sortable view of the artist’s entire career. This can include their work as a solo artist, composer, producer, band member, collaborator, and more, with powerful sorting options and Focus to help you find the key albums and the deep cuts. 

Discography automatically shows you the highest-quality copy of every album or recording the artist has ever released. You can find other editions of each album under the Versions tab, or on the “Albums In Your Library” section of Overview. 

Can I save Valence recommendations? Why are the recommendations different when I revisit a particular page? 

Roon 1.8 brings extremely powerful new browsing capabilities and recommendations that understand your music collection like no other – all powered by the brains of Roon, Valence. By combining Roon’s deep metadata and learnings from how you and our 100,000 expert listeners use Roon, Valence makes suggestions with uncanny sensitivity and insight. 

Valence recommendations are dynamic and change day-to-day as the system learns from your listening and the listening of other music lovers. While recommendations can change day to day, you can always select interesting content and save it to a playlist for later!

How does Focus work? What Focus options are available?

With Roon 1.8 Focus has been expanded to allow for powerful browsing and filtering beyond your library, giving you a 360-view of your favorite artists, genre, performers, and composers.

Focus lets you filter content down using credits, roles, genres, periods, quality, source, and more. The options available in Focus will change based on what you’re focusing on and how much Roon knows about the content you’re browsing. 

You can also click the “pin” option to make it even easier to access the criteria you use the most.

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