Roon storage location/drive disappears after installing MacOS Ventura

Roon storage location/drive disappears after installing MacOS Ventura


Issue: Roon storage drive disappears after installing the MacOS Ventura update

If you are using Roon on MacOS as your server and have updated to macOS Ventura, please be aware that the way MacOS sees an exFAT formatted HDD or USB drive has changed, and that storage drives will not appear properly in Roon.

Steps to resolve:

1. Go to Settings -> Storage with your Mac set as your server and select “Add folder”.

2. Click your HD (it will be named) to the left.

3. Select volumes from the list on the right. If you don’t have this option, click your HDD on the left again, and the list will refresh. 

4. You will get the following warning when you click volumes: 

5. Click the “Proceed regardless of warning” button and then select the drive you’re trying to access.

6. This process will allow Roon to access your music storage on an external HDD or USB drive once again.

If you're still running into issues after following the steps above, please log in over at our Community Site using your Roon account and let us know the details of your situation.

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