Roon with Antivirus Software

Roon with Antivirus Software

With any third-party security software, ensuring Roon has proper access to communicate with the other devices in your local setup is important. Below we'll share a handful of popular antivirus options with links on how to manually add Roon as an exception. 


For detailed steps on whitelisting Roon in Bitdefender, click here


For detailed steps on adding Roon as an exception in Avast, click here


For users running McAfee, here's more information on adding exceptions


For detailed steps on adding an exception in AVG, click here

Virus Detected in Roon?

In some cases, these programs will call a false positive with Roon, blocking access to it which can cause a myriad of different issues. For best practice, you'll want to ensure the Roon executables below have been added to any security apparatus on your server machine:

Roon executables:


Recently, we've seen reports of the following:
"We've blocked RoonServer/RAATServer/Rooninstaller because it was infected with IDP.Generic"

This is another example of a false positive. In these situations, you can double-check that Roon is set as a proper exception, and then report the false positive to your specific Antivirus software. 

If you're still having issues after going through the above, please get in touch with our Technical Support team.
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