RoonOS Reinstall Directory

RoonOS Reinstall Directory


The Reinstall directory is used to pass instructions to the update mechanism to allow a user to make a manual move to a different version of Roon or RoonOS on Nucleus and ROCK devices. This is most commonly used for moving a core from the production branch to a special branch used for testing of new features or bugfixes. This is also the mechanism by which one can migrate a RoonOS device from Roon 2.0 to Roon 1.8 Legacy.

If you need to use this mechanism you will receive instructions from a member of Roon staff or a help center article that includes a link to download an instruction file. When this file is copied into the Reinstall directory RoonOS will use it to determine which version or Roon or RoonOS to install. 

Using the Reinstall Directory

When moving between branches or versions the following steps will need to be executed:

1. Download the instruction file from the link provided and save it on your computer. Do not modify the name, extension, or content of this file.
2. Navigate to the /Data/Reinstall directory on your Nucleus / ROCK.
3. Copy the instruction file that you downloaded into the Reinstall directory.
4. Visit the RoonOS admin page and click on the “Reinstall” button.

The instruction file will be deleted after the installation process is completed. Once on a particular track or version you will continue to receive updates from that track without any intervention. This includes future use of the Reinstall function.

Reinstall Folder “Misconfigured” Error

If you receive an error message when executing a Reinstall via the admin page which states that “your Reinstall Folder is “Misconfigured,” then there is a conflict with the instruction files and the installer doesn’t know what to do. 

This is most commonly encountered when there are two or more instruction files present for the same product. For instance if you have instruction files for Roon 2.0 (production) and Roon 1.8 Legacy (production1x) in the Reinstall folder you will receive this error.

To correct this fault you must ensure that you have one (and only one) instruction file present for Roon and/or RoonOS when performing the Reinstall.

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