RoonOS webUI

RoonOS webUI

What functions can I perform from the Roon OS user interface? 

Any device that runs Roon OS includes a web-based administration tool, where you can:
  1. Reboot or power off your Roon OS device
  2. Confirm your device's Serial Number
  3. Confirm what version of Roon OS you're running, and reinstall the latest update
  4. Stop or Restart the Roon Server software running on Roon OS
  5. Configure network settings for Ethernet and Wifi
  6. Reset your Roon database and settings (warning: this is permanent, and will erase your Roon database)

 Accessing the Web Interface from the Roon App:

  1. Make sure your Roon OS device is on and connected to your network
  2. Open Roon on any platform (Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS)
  3. Click Configure Roon OS Devices 

Accessing the Web Interface from a Desktop and Tablet:

In Settings, on the Setup Tab


Accessing the Web Interface from a Mobile Device

In Settings, on the Setup Tab select Find:

You will then see a screen showing the network address of your Roon OS device. For example, something like this:

This IP address is a link. Click or press it and your web browser will open up the web administration tool. This will route you to the webUI (just like the screenshot above.) 

Other ways of accessing the Web Interface:

The Web Interface can also be accessed by:
  1. Typing in the IP Address of the RoonOS Device in a Web Browser
  2. Typing the hostname, for example http://rock , http://nucleus , or http://nucleusplus
  3. Typing the .local suffix for the device, for example http://rock.local , http://nucleus.local , or http://nucleusplus.local

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