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It's easy to let your friends know about the Artists, Albums, and Tracks you love. Roon will generate a customizable image for you to share, and will even let you post it to Facebook, Twitter, or any other online community you want (like the Roon Community site) using a shareable link. If you want to email the image, you can also save it to your local device.

Choosing What To Share

Artists and Albums can be shared from their detail pages, by clicking the "3 dots" menu and choosing Share:

You can also share Tracks by clicking the "3 dots" in the track's row:

Customizing What You Want To Share

Once you've clicked Share, you'll be presented with some options of what to include. Artists, albums, and tracks each have their own customization options. For example, if I'm sharing Stevie Wonder's classic track For Once In My Life, I would be presented with the following options:

Most options can be customized, or switched on or off using the Blue/Grey sliders. For example, in the image above, I could choose to add the Album title, any credits from the track or album, or a comment about the track. I could also choose not to share lyrics by switching Lyrics to off.

Choosing Where To Share

Finally, choose where you want to share your image.

Sharing options include:
  1. Sharing to your Facebook timeline
  2. Sharing to your Twitter feed
  3. Sharing a link
    1. This will generate a link from the free Imgur service, which you can message to a friend, drop on the the Roon Community site, or post anywhere you want
  4. Save
    1. This option will simply save the file to whatever device you're using 
To share to Facebook or Twitter, you'll first need to connect to the service. Click the Connect button for the service you want to use, and follow the prompts. Note that each Roon profile can connect to a different Facebook or Twitter account, so each person in your household can share from their own account.

Managing Connected Services

Once your Roon profile has been connected with Facebook or Twitter, you should be all set. You can always confirm that you're logged in or sign out from any connected services by visiting the Profile screen. Click here to get to the Profile picker:

Then click the pencil for the profile you want to edit. This will take you to the Edit Profile screen:

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