Software Packages

Software packages

Roon is offered in a variety of software packages to accommodate your setup. Whether you are running Roon on one computer, or need to stream audio to multiple rooms across several devices, you can use this overview to find the right versions of Roon for your configuration.

It's a good idea to check How Roon Works before continuing here, as it'll explain the concepts below.

After reading the below, visit our downloads page to get started with your installation.

Roon Server

✓Server   ✓Output

Roon Server is the brain of your Roon system, which can run on Windows, Mac, RoonOS, or Linux. This machine will still manage music libraries and audio outputs, but because it has no graphical user interface, it requires another device for control. After installing Roon Server on your headless machine, you can install Roon Remote on your mobile device or laptop to control Roon Server. You can read more about Roon Server here


✓Control   ✓Output

Roon runs on your Mac or PC, allowing you to configure Roon Server, set up your audio devices, and browse your library using Roon's rich, immersive browsing experience. When you install Roon on your Mac or PC, you’ll connect to Roon Server running on your network. This can run on a different device (like a Nucleus) or you can run Roon Server right on your Mac or PC.

Roon Remote

✓Control    ✓Output

Installing Roon Remote on a supported iPad or Android tablet allows you to control Roon or Roon Server using Roon's rich, immersive browsing experience. Roon Remote does not include server functionality, but it can connect to a Roon or Roon Server on your network. You can read more about using Roon remotely here.

Roon Bridge


Roon Bridge can be installed to add audio outputs to your setup over the network, perfect for multi-room configurations. You can read more about Roon Bridge here

Roon ARC

✓Mobile Control    ✓Output

Roon ARC is our mobile app built for on-the-go listening. The app gives allows you to access your at-home Roon library - and Roon’s most powerful features - no matter where you are, and it lives right on the phone in your pocket. Roon ARC also features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration – designed to make choosing the soundtrack to your next roadtrip a breeze. 

Roon ARC is included with every Roon subscription, and can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

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