Sonos hardware is fully supported in Roon! As new devices reach the market, small adjustments may be needed so if you are having trouble with a particular Sonos device, please visit our community site and let us know.

Sound Quality

Sonos devices accept up to 48kHz/16bit audio. When playing high-resolution content you may see format conversions in Roon's Signal Path, like this one:


If you have Sonos zones on the same network as your Roon Server, you should be able to see them in the Audio tab of Settings, under the "Networked" section.

Just enable the device (or devices) you want to use, select them in the Zone Picker, and play some music! Roon understands Sonos stereo pairs and will only play to the master device in each pair. However, it's not currently possible to add or remove devices from stereo pairs through Roon. While you can use Roon's DSP engine with Sonos devices, it's not currently possible to adjust Sonos devices' built-in equalizer settings through Roon.

Grouped Playback

Sonos Zones can be "grouped" to play the same content, but Sonos zones can only be grouped with other Sonos zones.

Sonos Apps

Note that at this time you won't see any information about what you're listening to in the Sonos app. When Roon is playing to Sonos, Now Playing information is only available in the Roon app. Volume control will work in the Sonos app, but pressing transport controls in the Sonos app will cause playback to stop.
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