The Queue

The Queue

The queue is a list of songs that are waiting to be played. You can access the queue by clicking the queue icon at the bottom of the Roon window, or just click the currently playing song. The queue will be displayed, with the currently playing track shown at the top of the list, and also in the panel above the queue list.

We've highlighted (in red) some of the additional features of the queue screen.
  1. Click the double arrow to bring up the Transfer Zone picker if you want to transfer this queue to another zone
  2. Click the square outline next to it to switch to full-screen mode
  3. The queue list is scrollable, both up and down. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, this will also scroll the list

Here's a view where the queue has been scrolled away from the currently playing track. We've also highlighted some additional features of the queue. These features apply to the queue as a whole.

Once you scroll away from the currently playing track, a "Jump to now playing" button will appear. Clicking (or touching) this will instantly reposition the view so that the currently playing track is once again at the head of the list. Click or touch "Clear Upcoming" to remove all the as yet unplayed items in the queue. Once this is done, this changes to a "Clear All" function that will clear out the entire queue (including the currently playing track).

The "3 dots" icon above the queue will display a menu to:
  1. Add the queue to a Playlist
  2. Add the queue to a Tag
  3. Export the queue
For the above functions, you can choose whether to have either the previously queued items, the upcoming items, or all of them added to the Playlist, Tag or Exported.

Here we've highlighted functions that act on individual items in the queue:

The "3 dots" icon will display a menu as shown. The "3 bars" icon is for adjusting the position of the track in the queue. Click and hold on the icon to move the track up or down the list.
Clicking on a track in the queue will bring up a menu that can be used to either play the queue starting with the selected track, or to remove the track from the queue entirely.

You can also right-click (or press and hold) on queue items to display a menu bar (acting on the selected items), which includes a "3 dots" icon and the menu shown.

Once a song has been played, it remains in the queue for the remainder of the session. If you want to see the music you've already played, you can scroll up the list to the beginning of the session. If you want to see further back in time, then you can access your play history from the sidebar. You can set your queue to loop . You can also turn on Radio in the queue, or turn the queue on shuffle by clicking the shuffle icon .

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