The Track Browser

You can access the Track Browser by clicking the navigation icon , then Tracks. You will see the albums in your library displayed in a screen something like this:

The column headings in the Track Browser are customizable. Click the down arrow on the right of the header bar to reveal the list of available headings, and set those you want using the slider toggles.

Many column headers also have sort order controls (the arrow icons) or text filter controls (the funnel icon). As for the other browsers, there is also a Focus button that can be used for advanced filtering. The Focus criteria here are relevant for Tracks.

Two things to note about the Genres circle chart:
  1. Genres are album genres in Roon - Roon does not currently use track genres
  2. The chart shows only the top seven genres (by number of albums) - click on it to show the complete list
Focus is a powerful feature that allows slicing and dicing your collection in many different ways. It's covered here, but the best way to learn about it is really to dive in and try it. Once you have built a dynamic filter using Focus, you can save it as a Bookmark  for instant recall later.

Next to the Focus button are the Favorites filter button and the Focus on Tags button . Next to the Bookmark icon at the top right is the Search icon , which searches across the whole of Roon.
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