In library vs out of library content in Roon

What's the difference between albums in my library and albums outside of my library?

Benefits of adding albums to your Roon library 

Adding albums from TIDAL or Qobuz to Roon allow you to take full control of the powerful tools available in Roon. Once an album is added in Roon you can:
  1. Add the album or tracks from the album to tags
  2. Favorite the album and its tracks 
  3. Select the album and tracks with Focus
  4. Make edits to the album and tracks
  5. And more! 
Adding streaming media to your Roon library gives you the tools to modify the content as you see fit, giving you the best experience for managing both your local and streaming libraries.

Adding an album to your Roon library

When you navigate to an album that you don't have in your library, you can select the + button, which will create a copy of that album in your Roon library.

You'll see the page update to reflect newly available options once it's been added to your library.

You can also add specific tracks instead of the entire album by Right-Clicking the desired tracks, selecting the 3-Dots option button, and choosing Add To Library.

Why can I still see a version of this album that's not in my library?

Once an album is added to your library you can make various edits and changes to the album. You may also only have a portion of the tracks from an album in your library rather than the full tracklist. For these reasons, we think it is important that you can still navigate to the original, unedited version of the album directly from the streaming service. By doing this you can add any missing tracks and see the album as it's presented by the original service without any user made modifications.

Why don't I see my play numbers in other views? 

Enhanced details like custom tagging, editing album information, remembering favorites, and other information specific to your experience (including play counts) is only available for music once it has been added to your your library. For example, if you're seeing numbers that seem very low on a particular track, you probably listened many times before deciding to add it to your library, when the counting started. 

The number of plays on a track in your library is also associated with your individual profile. This allows you to distinguish the number of times your spouse has listened to your favorite Beatles tune, compared to you. If you create a new profile, then, the track count for that individual will start at zero. 

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