Zone Settings

Zone Settings

The Zone Settings screen is used to access zone-level settings like zone names, crossfade, volume leveling, and volume limits. You can access the Zone Settings screen for a zone, like this:

1. Click the icon for the current zone to show the zone picker:

The zone picker is a pop-up panel that will show all the currently available zones and zone groups, e.g. like this:

2. Click on the speaker icon for the zone, or zone group, that you intend to configure

3. Click on the gearwheels icon to access the "Zone Settings" panel

4. The Zone Settings panel is shown:

Here is possible to rename the zone (or zone group), and set the crossfade, volume leveling and volume limits for the zone (or zone group). Note that if you have the Volume Leveling setting "Off", then you will not see the additional Target Volume Level and Volume adjustment settings on this panel.

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