Adding Folders By Path

Adding Folders Using Path

Adding Folders

When configuring your Roon Core, you'll need to set up your Watched Folders. In some configurations you can use Roon's built-in browser to browse to your music folder and select it.

However, when setting up your Roon Core from a Remote you may need to enter the path of the directory you want to set up as a Watched Folder.

If you're unsure how to find the path, follow the instructions below. Follow the instructions for the operating system you run your Core on.


On the Mac running your Core, use Finder to navigate to the folder where you store your music.


Right-click your music folder and click Get Info - Highlight the information in the Where field, and press CMD-C on your keyboard to copy it

Open Roon, and use CMD-V to paste the path into the watched folder field. Then, type a forward slash and the name of your folder like this:


On the Windows PC running your Core, use Explorer to open your music folder

Click on the right side of the Explorer field like a web browser, and Explorer will highlight it and turn it into a path

Copy and paste this path into the watched folder field in Roon

Content Stored On a NAS Drive

To add network storage, we recommend using your NAS drive's hostname, such as \\DISKSTATION or smb://MyNASDrive. You can usually find this information by logging into your NAS, and examples are below. You can also use your NAS drive's IP address, but note that this can change, depending on your network's settings.

AFP Share is not supported, you must use SMB or hostname to connect to the NAS share. 


If your Roon Core is running on Windows, the path to your networked folder might look like this:

\\MyNASDrive\Multimedia\Music or \\\Multimedia\Music

If your Roon Core is running on Mac or Linux, the path to your networked folder might look like this:

smb://MyNASDrive/Multimedia/Music or smb://

After you've entered the network path in Roon, enter the credentials required to access your NAS. If a username, password, or workgroup isn't required to access your NAS, just leave the relevant fields blank and click Add Folder

If you are still having issues with setting up the NAS share, further suggestions can be found in our NAS Troubleshooting Guide.
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