Supported Audio Devices

FAQ: What audio outputs or devices are supported by Roon?

Connected Outputs: Built-in outputs, USB DACs, and Sound Cards

Any audio devices recognized by the OS will be recognized by Roon, from Built-in Sound to PCI Soundcards to USB DACs. In the settings of Roon, you will select which recognized audio devices you would like to display as Zones in Roon. Any Zone can also be configured to support Exclusive (bit-perfect) mode. Playback to these devices uses Roon's RAAT technology, and can be grouped with each other or other RAAT-based zones for multi-zone playback.

Roon Ready & Roon Tested Devices

Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices are supported and can be grouped with other Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices for synchronized playback.  For the latest list of Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices please see our Partners Page

Apple Airplay

Any Airplay 1 devices (Airplay 2 is not currently supported) on the same network with your Roon app - whether Apple or Third Party Airplay - will be recognized by Roon. In the settings of Roon, you will select which recognized Airplay devices you would like to display as Zones in Roon. Airplay devices can be grouped with other Airplay devices for multi-zone synchronized playback.

It should be noted that:
  1. Software Airplay "servers" are sometimes unreliable with Roon
  2. The Airplay protocol can only play at 44.1khz/16bit (Roon will downsample higher-resolution content when played to Airplay zones)
For more information on setting up AirPlay devices, see AirPlay Setup.


Roon should work with all Sonos hardware. To learn more about using Sonos in Roon, visit our Sonos documentation.

Logitech Squeezebox

Squeezebox endpoints are supported. For more information on setting up Squeezebox devices, see Squeezebox Setup.

Meridian Audio

Many Meridian Audio devices will be discovered by Roon, and can be enabled for usage. Meridian Audio endpoints can be grouped with other Meridian Audio endpoints for multi-room synchronized playback. For more information on setting up Meridian devices, see Meridian Setup.


Chromecast is fully supported by Roon. See Chromecast for more information.


Roon can stream directly to HQPlayer, whether both applications are running on the same machine or if they're on different machines on your network. 


Roon includes built-in support for the Devialet AIR protocol, used by Devialet's Expert and Expert Pro devices. This is a new implementation of AIR, undertaken at Roon Labs. It does not require Devialet's AIR driver, and works with Roon Servers running on any platform. 

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