How many licenses do I need?

How many Roon subscriptions do I need?

What's included in a Roon subscription?

A Roon subscription includes the following:
  1. Roon Server that manages your music library (your "main" installation)
  2. Unlimited Roon Remotes (Windows PC's, Macs, Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones)

Where can I see what Roon subscriptions I have?

You can always check the active Roon subscriptions on your account page.

Can my Roon subscription be used in more than one location?

Yes! If you only have one Roon subscription, you can simply log in to Roon at any location, and Roon will prompt you to unauthorize the previously active installation. However, you can't run Roon in two locations at the same time with only one subscription.

If you would like to run Roon in two (or more) locations concurrently, you will need to purchase an additional subscription(s) so you can run a new Roon Server in another location.

How do I transfer a subscription to a new computer?

To transfer your Roon license to a new computer, simply install Roon and log in on the new computer. If you want to transfer your Roon installation and preserve your edits, playlists, and favorites, you'll need to create a backup and restore it on your new computer. The entire process is documented in our Moving Roon to a new Server article.

You can also read more about creating and restoring backups here.

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