KKBOX was founded in 2005 and has established itself as one of Asia's premier streaming platforms. KKBOX continues to innovate by integrating exclusive cloud technology, an AI-based recommendation engine, digital rights management, and several social-audio features that provide a diverse music experience.

KKBOX features over 90 million tracks, including over 40 million high-fidelity options, and is currently available in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

KKBOX integration in Roon means that you can play KKBOX selections to both ROON and Roon ARC, plus enjoy content and features exclusive to Roon - such as Daily Mixes, New Releases for You, Roon Radio, and Roon’s curated playlists. 

Roon’s unrivaled metadata adds rich context that brings streaming music to life with additional content like artist bios, album reviews, credits, liner notes, lyrics, tour information, and links to performer websites and social media. 

Roon’s Fluency settings allow you to set language preferences for Roon’s user interface, metadata, and editorial sources - giving you the freedom to enjoy Roon in the language or languages of your choice.

Enabling KKBOX

Roon will prompt you to add your KKBOX account on first launch, but you can choose to add it at any time by clicking the Services tab from the Settings menu. From that page, you’ll click Login to sync your KKBOX account in Roon. You’ll be forwarded to a login page on KKBOX’s site and then returned to Roon after login.

Once you’re signed in, you can press the Edit button to see your KKBOX account details and set your streaming quality preferences.

Browsing KKBOX and adding music to your library

Browsing KKBOX is easy once you’ve signed in through Roon. Just click KKBOX from the Browse section of the main Roon menu to instantly access music based on your listening tastes and see your KKBOX music library. 

The KKBOX browser is divided into three sections:
  1. FOR YOU displays recommendations based on your previously played KKBOX selections. 
  2. PLAYLISTS features a selection of KKBOX’s curated playlists; you’ll find new hits and releases as well as themed, genre, era, and mood-based lists. 
  3. MY LIBRARY highlights your favorite playlists, albums, and tracks. Any albums or playlists you add in Roon or using the KKBOX app will appear on this page. If you want to add an album to your library in Roon or Roon ARC, click an album to open the album details page, then click the plus symbol next to the Play Now button.
You can press the MORE tab on any of the pages above for a deeper dive into recommendations and your library. 
If you’re a new KKBOX subscriber, your MY LIBRARY page will be empty, and recommendations will be more general in nature until you’ve added and listened to some music.

Why aren't the latest albums on KKBOX visible in Roon?

When you're browsing KKBOX in Roon, you're seeing Roon's KKBOX database, not a direct pass-through of what's available in KKBOX - that's why there's so much more rich content, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, album credits, etc.

This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind KKBOX when a brand new release comes out - our database generates frequently, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff and will show up in Roon after a brief delay.

When this happens, you can add the new release directly in the KKBOX app, and then it will appear in your Roon library.


KKBOX 是全球首個合法音樂串流平台,以獨創的雲端技術、AI推薦引擎提供音樂串流服務,輔以技術加密媒體檔 (Digital Rights Management, DRM),成功地打開了線上音樂合法授權的版權觀念,並以此商業模式成為音樂串流的領導品牌。現今 KKBOX 服務地區涵蓋台灣、香港、日本、新加坡及馬來西亞,擁有破億首曲庫,其中包含 4,000 萬首以上的無損曲目,持續以台灣原創品牌之姿深耕音樂產業鏈。

KKBOX 與 Roon 的整合意味著,用戶將能透過 Roon 和 Roon ARC 播放 KKBOX 的音樂內容,同時還能享受 Roon 的獨家內容與功能,例如每日合輯、新發行推薦、Roon 電台、Roon 主題歌單等。此外,Roon 獨一無二的 metadata (元數據資料) 將為音樂探索帶來豐富性,包括像是歌詞、專輯評論、專輯內頁文字介紹、歌曲製作清單、巡迴演出資訊,以及歌手介紹、官方網站、社群媒體等。你還能夠依自己的偏好設定 Roon 的介面、專輯及藝人介紹、資訊來源等功能的語系呈現,透過一種或多種語言自由享受 Roon 的豐富內容。

在 Roon 上啟用 KKBOX

Roon 在你首次啟用時會提示你連結 KKBOX 帳戶,後續你仍可以隨時透過左上方目錄選單中的「Settings 設定」點選「Services 服務」按鈕進行設定。進到頁面後,點擊「Login 登入」連結你的 KKBOX 帳號,你將被引導至 KKBOX 網站的登入頁面,成功登入後再返回至 Roon。

登入成功後,你可以點擊「Edit 編輯」按鈕來查看你的 KKBOX 帳戶詳細資訊,與設定串流品質偏好。

瀏覽 KKBOX 並將音樂添加到你的收藏

只要登入 KKBOX 帳號,在 Roon 上瀏覽 KKBOX 內容就非常簡單 。只需從Roon主選單的「Browse瀏覽」部分點擊KKBOX,即可立即獲取根據你的聽歌偏好提供的音樂,並查看你的KKBOX收藏。

KKBOX 主頁共分成三個區塊:

FOR YOU 為你打造:根據你在 KKBOX 的播放紀錄提供音樂推薦

PLAYLISTS 精選歌單:KKBOX 獨家主題策展歌單,包括新發行、主題歌單、焦點歌單、曲風、年代、情境等

MY LIBRARY 我的收藏:包含你最愛的歌單、專輯和曲目;任何你在 Roon 中或在 KKBOX App 中加入收藏的專輯、歌單都會顯示在此。如果你想要在 Roon 或 Roon ARC 將專輯加入收藏,只要點擊專輯打開詳細資訊頁面,然後點擊「Play Now 立即播放」按鈕旁邊的「+加號」即完成收藏。

你可以點擊上述任一頁面上的「More 更多」按鍵,便能獲得更多延伸推薦與完整收藏內容。

如果你是新的 KKBOX 訂閱者,你的收藏頁面可能是空的;在你添加與收聽一些音樂之前,你獲得的音樂推薦將會偏向籠統些。

為什麼 KKBOX 上的最新專輯,在 Roon 中看不到?

當你在 Roon 中瀏覽 KKBOX 內容時,你看到的是 Roon 的 KKBOX 資料庫,而不是 KKBOX 內容直接複製傳送到 Roon 上。這也是為什麼 Roon 擁有更多更豐富的內容,例如歌曲錄製日期、歌詞、作曲家與專輯製作人員名單等相關連結。

也因此當全新專輯發佈時,Roon 有時會稍微落後於 KKBOX;我們的數據庫經常更新,但有時新專輯仍難免會錯過批次更新的時間,並稍微延遲出現在 Roon 中。

發生這種情況時,你可以直接在 KKBOX App 將新專輯加到你的收藏,它便會同步出現在你的 Roon 收藏資料庫中。

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