Where do lyrics in Roon come from?

Roon will automatically add lyrics for any track in your library if we have those lyrics from our metadata providers. Starting with Roon Version 1.7 you can also import lyrics from file tags.

How do I know if a track has lyrics?

If a track has lyrics, you'll see one of the following icons in Roon:
  1. Lyrics without timing 
  2. Lyrics with timing

Importing lyrics from tags

If your file tags contain lyrics, Roon will detect this and import them into Roon. Moderator @Rugby on the Community forums wrote a great guide for using MP3 tag to add lyrics in file tags. You can check out the guide here.

Viewing lyrics in Roon

If you want to view the Lyrics for a track, simply select the 3 dots menu and choose View Lyrics:

You can also see lyrics on the Now Playing screen or by using the Display feature. If the lyrics include time data, the lyrics will scroll along with the song.

Why do some tracks not have lyrics?

Roon has lyrics for hundreds of thousands of tracks, but we don't have everything yet! We're working on it. If you're not seeing any lyrics on an album, you may want to make sure we've found a good match using Identify Album.

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