Nucleus SSD/RAM Upgrades

Nucleus SSD/RAM Upgrades

If you're a Nucleus owner and are getting close to hitting the available memory (RAM) for your local library, or you're suffering from SSD-related hardware issues, please see below for Roon's official suggestions for SSD/RAM replacement or upgrade. 

For increasing your Nucleus Rev A or Rev B memory amount (in case you are getting crashes from having too large of a Roon library size) 

SuggestedCrucial DDR4 2666 MHz CL19
Requirements: DDR4 2666 MHz CL19 - ECC Type = Non-ECC, Form Factor = SODIMM, Pin Count = 260-pin, PC Speed = PC4-21300, Voltage = 1.2V, Rank and Configuration = 1Rx16, 1Rx8 or 2Rx8

For replacing or upgrading the M.2 SSD (which holds the Roon Database only, not music files):

Suggested: ‎TS256GMTE110S
Requirements: M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe

For Increasing your Nucleus Rev B Internal Storage (to hold music files):

Suggested: User preference 
Requirements: 2.5" HDD or SSD, 7/9mm for Nucleus Rev A and up to 15mm for Nucleus Rev B

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