Upload Roon Database

Uploading Roon/RoonServer Database

In some advanced troubleshooting cases, Roon support staff may ask you to upload your Roon Database for further testing. Roon Database in this context refers to your entire RoonServer/Roon folder depending on the install type. To send this to Roon support please use the following steps:

If using Roon standalone app ("All-in-one")

1. Exit out of Roon using the top right X button
2. Navigate to the Roon Database Location (on Windows under %localappdata% and on Mac under ~Library) 
3. Create a .zip/.7z archive of the entire "Roon" folder (on Windows you can use 7zip and on Mac you can use "Compress to archive")
4. Upload the database to the link that support staff provides

If using RoonServer + Roon Remote setup

1. Stop RoonServer (via the Web Interface if using a RoonOS server or manufacturer's web interface if using a manufacturer server)
2. Navigate to the RoonServer Database Location (you only need to archive the RoonServer folder unless otherwise specified) 
3. Create a .zip/.7z archive of the entire "RoonServer" folder (on Windows you can use 7zip and on Mac you can use "Compress to archive")
4. Upload the database to the link that support staff provides

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