FAQ: Can I control Roon remotely?

FAQ: Can I control Roon remotely?

When you first install Roon, you will set up your Core, which functions as the main server for Roon in your household. Whether your Core is near where you listen to music or on the other side of the house, there's a good chance it's not a convenient device for picking music. This is doubly true if you're using Roon in more than one room, or with networked audio devices.

Wherever you listen to music, Roon gives you the freedom to browse your collection using a variety of different devices, whether that's a computer, tablet or phone. In all these cases, you'll be running Roon as a Remote. Setting Up Roon Remotes

Step 1

Install Roon on any supported devices you want to use as a remote, including Macs or Windows computers, Android tablets or phones, or iPhones or iPads. Here's a quick link for downloading Roon

Step 2 (Windows and OS X/macOS only)

When setting up Roon to run as a remote on Windows or OS X/macOS, you'll first need to find your Roon Core:

Step 3

Finally, connect to your Core and you're all set! Now you can browse your music and play to any Roon zone on your network.

Choosing Core on Tablet/Desktop

Choosing Core on Phone


If your Remote is having trouble connecting, there are some troubleshooting tips here. You might also want more information about system requirements. You can find those:
  1. Here for Macs and Windows computers
  2. Here for Android tablets and phones
  3. Here for Apple iPads and iPhones

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